Ōdate Kitaakita JHS Recitation and Speech Contest

The Ōdate Kitaakita JHS Recitation and Speech Contest (大館北秋田中学校英語暗唱弁論大会; Ōdate Kitaakita chugakko eigo ansho benron taikai) is an annual competition that is held in Kitaakita/Ōdate region for junior high school students in Kitaakita, Ōdate, and Kamikoani.

Annual contests


  • Speeches and recitations should be under 5 minutes in length.
    • If time take is between 5:01~5:10 the student will have 1 point deducted for each second they are overtime. e.g. a student whose time is 5:04 will have 4 points deducted from their score.
    • If a student goes over 5:11 they will be disqualified.
  • Recitation
    • Pronunciation 60 points, delivery 40 points
  • Speech
    • Content 40 points, pronunciation 40 points, delivery 20 points. (Pre 2014: 50 points, pronunciation 30 points, delivery 20 points)
  • Students don't have to bow or announce title before speaking.
  • Students may bring script with them to the podium, but if they use it they will lose points.
  • If a students forgets part of their speech for more than 10 seconds, they will reminded.
  • Similar to the JHS Prefectural Speech Contest
    • No overacting, and no props.
    • Students must not stand beside of or in front of the podium at any point.
    • All judges must be in agreement before a student will be deducted points.

Participating schools

The following 15 schools participate in this contest.





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