2007 Akita International Sumo Basho

2007 Akita International Sumo Basho
2007 Sumo group photo-02.jpg
DateJuly 1
LocationAkita Budokan
No. Men24
Men's Championship
ChampionSeth Dorman
Runner-upAshley Thompson
No. of bouts?
2006 2008

The 3rd annual Akita International Sumo Basho (第三回秋田県国際相撲場所) took place on Sunday, July 1st 2007 at the Akita Budokan in Akita City. This year 24 men took part in the competition, including the reigning Yokozuna Will Van Sittert.

Opening Round

  Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
1 Gareth Williams Guillaume Montagnon Nilau Elisa Bryan North
2 Andy McCarthy Mark Gatley Jesse Kerstetter Seth Eason
3 Rob Evans Makoto Morita Wes Schmitt Bryan Barber
4 Greg Huebner Nick Peranich Seth Dorman Andrew Beatie
5 Peter Hoover John Lajiness Francis Webster Matt Hixson
6 Grant MacKinnon Matt Barnacott Ashley Thompson Will Van Sittert


  1. Each rikishi has three bouts within his pool. Even numbered rikishi will face the three odd numbered rikishi in his pool, and odd numbered rikishi will face the three even numbered rikishi in his pool.
  2. The two rikishi with the best records in each pool advance to the playoffs.
  3. In the case of tied records, head-to-head bouts will determine advancement of rikishi. If necessary, decision bouts (ketteisen) may be conducted as well.
  4. The playoffs will start with eight rikishi (two from each pool), and continue in a single elimination tournament.


All videos were recorded by Stephanie Boegeman


  • Champion: Seth Dorman
  • Men's Runner-up: Ashley Thompson
  • 3rd: Peter Hoover

Attendance & Profits

  • 93 adults and 6 students attended this event.
  • Raised ¥ 129,400 (including over ¥24,000 from the bake sale) for Everest of Apples and Room to Read.



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