A Miracle Happened in New York

Sunshine English Course 2

One day I got on the train as usual. But I suddenly changed trains to visit a Hungarian friend in Brooklyn. He was sick in bed.
On the train a man on my left looked sad and tired. He was reading a Hungarian-language newspaper. I talked to him in Hungarian. The man was very surprised to hear his own language.
The man's name was Paskin. Soon after World War II, he walked back to his home in Hungary. He found strangers in his old apartment. He was very sad to find none of his family there.
A boy in the apartment said to him, "The Nazis took all your family away to Auschwitz." So he gave up all hope. He left Hungary and went to live in the Untied States in October 1947.
A woman near my house was also in Auschwitz during the war. In 1946, after the was was over, she came to the United States and has lived here since. I thought about her.
When the train arrived at my station, I asked him in a quiet voice, "Is your first name Bela?" He turned pale. "Yes!" he answered. "How did you know?" I looked at my address book, and asked, "Your wife's name is Marya, isn't it?" He was very surprised and said, "Yes! Yes!"
I telephoned Marya at once and asked her about her husband. "Try to be calm," I said to him. "A miracle is going to happen. Here, take this telephone and talk to your wife!"
He could not speak a word. His eyes were full of tears. He listened to his wife's voice, then suddenly shouted, "This is Bela! This is Bela!"

Marya said to me later, "Even now I can't believe it really happened. Was it chance - or was it the will of God?"

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