Central Block Doctor/Dentist Recommendations


Some of these clinics include other types of treatment. However, they are listed under clinic recommendations since they have been recommended for their general clinics and not specialty areas.

秋田駅前内科・外科クリニック Akita Station General and Surgical Clinic
Website w/hours
Great English
Address: 〒010-0874 秋田市千秋久保田町3-15三宅ビル2F
Phone: 018-837-6500
Three minute walk from Akita station

高橋正喜クリニック Takahashi Masaki Clinic
Website w/hours
Address: 秋田県秋田市中通6-6-15
Phone: 018-884-5656
About an 8 minute walk from west exit of Akita station

越後谷(えちごや)クリニック Echigoya Clinic
Website w/hours
Address: 秋田県秋田市東通仲町1-25
Phone: 018-835-0158
About a 3 minute walk from the east exit of the station.

すずきクリニック Suzuki Clinic
Website w/hours
Speaks very good English - Highly recommended
Address: 〒010-0916 秋田市泉北三丁目17-10
Phone: 018-838-6500
Side Note: Close by there is a Children's Clinic that is run by his wife who also speaks English.

秋田泌尿器科クリニック Akita Urologic Clinic
Address: 秋田市広面字谷地沖6-1 〒010-0041
Phone: 018-889-3220
Taken from Akita Orientation Handbook. Very good overall experience. Doesn't speak much English, and try to make appointments in advance.

藤森レディースクリニック Fujimori Lady's Clinic
Address: Chuo Doori 7-1-3 Akita ALVE (at Akita Station), 4th floor
Phone: 018-844-3939
Taken from Akita Orientation Handbook. Doctor speaks English. Try to make appointments in advance.

石田皮ふ科医院 (イシダヒフカイイン) Ishida Dermatology
Website w/hours
No Reservation Necessary
Minimal English
Address: (〒010-0875)秋田県秋田市千秋明徳町1-34
10 minute walk from Akita Station

お肌のクリニック Ohada Dermatology
Website w/hours
No Reservation Necessary
English OK
Address: (〒010-0864)秋田市手形住吉町1-3 三愛会ビル2F
Phone: 018-874-7558

岡田医院 Okada Dermatology
Website w/hours
Address: (〒010-0001)秋田県秋田市中通4丁目1-41
Phone: 018-834-3131
15 minute walk from the west exit of Akita station.

みゆきレディースクリニック Miyuki Ladies Clinic (gynecologist)
Website w/hours
Speaks good English
Address: 〒010-0001 秋田県秋田市中通2丁目1-35
Phone: 018-884-7088

三浦整形外科医院 Miura Orthopedics
Website w/hours
Highly recommended
Address: 〒010-0001 秋田市中通6丁目
Phone: 018-834-1441

つかだ泌尿器科 Tsukada Urology
Website w/hours
Speaks some English. Great doctor. Took the time to explain what was wrong.
Address: 〒011-0947 秋田県秋田市飯島新町1丁目1-6
Phone: 018-880-1820


港町歯科クリニック Minato Machi Dental Clinic
Website w/hours
Some English OK
Address: 秋田市 土崎港中央3-5-40

おみ歯科クリニック Omi Dental Clinic
Website w/hours
Some English OK
Address: 秋田県秋田市 八橋田五郎1-2-7

仙北歯科医院 Semboku Dental Clinic
Website w/hours
Good experiences. Never tried using English though.
Address: 〒014-0114 秋田県大仙市福田穴沢47
Phone: 0187-69-2828

中通歯科診療所 Nakadori Dental Clinic (Meiwakai Group)
Website w/hours
Address: 〒010-0001 秋田県秋田市中通6丁目1-58
Phone: 018-832-2833
About a 15 minute walk from the west exit of the station.

Not Recommended

城東整形外科 Joto Orthopedics
"This guy was not very helpful"
Address: 〒010-0003 秋田県秋田市東通6-7-6
Phone: 018-832-0023

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