Chokai-san International Zendo

Chōkai-san International Zendo.

Chōkai-san International Zendo (鳥海山国際禅堂) is located in Yashima, Yurihonjō. The site and all the wood used to build this zendo was donated from the locality. It was completed in 2006.


This Zendo welcomes anyone who wished to experience the practices of a traditional Zen temple, including zazen, sutra chanting, formal temple meals or daily work.
English explanations are offered for most activities. When attending the temple you should bring loose fitting clothes for zazen and and other clothes for working. The charge for meals and lodging is whatever you think is appropriate (around ¥3,000).
You must book in advance!

Zazen Guidance

Looking into the Zendo

The temple is open from the middle of April to middle of December. It is closed the rest of the year.

  • Normal day Zen meditation (平日参禅)
    Monday to Friday 18:30 to 20:30
    Saturday - Parents and children zazen (親子座禅) 9:00 to 10:30
  • Monthly overnight Zen meditation (月例一泊参禅)
    From April to November. The 4th Friday of every month from 15:00 till 10:30 on Saturday.


The head priest (堂長) is Jōkō Satō (佐藤成孝), but you can call him Satō-san. He lives with his wife Mariko at Koukenji (高建寺) temple. They both speak English. You can meet them at their temple and travel to the Zendo together, it's just 6 kilometers away.

Koukenji temple

Soto school of Buddhism 曹洞宗
Koukenji Temple 高建寺
Tateishi 立石
Yashima 矢島町
Yurihonjō 由利本荘市
〒015-0414 〒015-0414

Tel: 0184-56-2193 <googlemap version="0.9" lat="39.238801" lon="140.139499" type="map" zoom="15" width="400" height="300"> 39.238252, 140.143369, 上野120矢島町立石, Yurihonjō, Akita Prefecture 上野120矢島町立石, Yurihonjō, Akita Prefecture </googlemap>

Chōkai-san International Zendo

Chōkai-san International Zendo 鳥海山国際禅堂
Sakanoshita Aza Kamishinden 坂之下字上新田
Yashima 矢島町
Yurihonjō 由利本荘市
Akita 秋田県

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="39.232785" lon="140.171127" type="map" width="400" height="300"> 39.220518, 140.204129, 秋田県由利本荘市矢島町坂之下字上新田 </googlemap>

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