Climbing Through a Postcard

Target levelJHS
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  • Get postcards or a plain piece of cards, postcard size or larger, and a pair of scissors. Get enough cards for everyone.
  • Ask if anyone can climb through the piece of card.
  • Ask if they think you can.
  • Now cut the card.
    1. Fold it in half, length ways.
    2. Make two cuts A, B.
    3. Cut along fold from A to B.
    4. Now do alternate cuts C,D, C, D, etc., cutting through both halves of the folded card.
    5. As you prepare the card, say, "I’m going to cut the card. I’m cutting the card. I’ve cut the card."
  • Now shake out the zigzag circle of a card and climb through it, not forgetting to say, "I’m going to climb through it. I’m climbing through it. I’ve climbed through it."
  • Next, students practice the trick in pairs, making use of the English dialog.


  • Make a student demonstrate instead of yourself, and say "He's ..." instead of "I'm ..."

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