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Easy English Articles for High School

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Easy English articles to be read in class
or small groups.
Target levelHS
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This is a compilation of easy English articles created for use by high school students. Each article should not exceed a single page and should be accompanied with an image along with a word bank of any difficult English words. These articles were originally presented as "news" items, and so they have a date. However, many of them are appropriate for use as stand-alone reading material (especially the topical ones).

These articles were originally written to be used as part of either a high school eikaiwa club, or as part of a smaller eikaiwa focused high school class.

Title Date Description
Bottled Water 2013-01-03 A town in Massachusetts is banning the selling of bottled water.
Easter 2017-04-18 Learn about both the religious and nonreligious ways in which Easter is celebrated.
El Salvador's Festival of Fire 2016-08-06 Every year El Salvador has a dangerous fire festival.
Girl Draws With Mouth 2016-05-21 Read about 16-year-old girl Robaba Mohammadi who draws with her mouth.
"Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" Has a Successful Debut 2017-05-15 "Guardians" makes Hollywood happy by being a successful sequal.
Happy New Year 2017-01-01 Learn what people in the United States do for the New Year.
Hayao Miyazaki Back to Work on Final Project 2017-05-20 Hayao Miyazaki retires from retirement (again) to work on his final project (again).
Hirosaki City to Collect Bitcoin Donations 2017-04-21 Hirosaki City will be the first city in Japan to accept bitcoin donations.
Hurricane Matthew Hits Haiti 2016-10-10 Hurricane Matthew was very bad for the people of Haiti.
Japan's Oldest Golden Eagle Dies 2017-04-25 Toriumi was the oldest golden eagle in Japan.
Japanese Sumo Champion 2017-02-03 Learn what people in the United States do for the New Year.
Laughing at the News 2017-04-25 Comedy news is popular kind of television program people enjoy overseas.
Plan to Clean up Space Trash 2017-05-05 A new Tokyo company has a plan to clean space trash.