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Easy English Articles for High School

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Easy English articles to be read in class
or small groups.
Target levelHS
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The articles listed below were originally created for use by Araya High School's English Conversation Club. Starting in June 2017, much of the content was moved to Easygoing Times. If you visit on article on Easygoing Times and print the page, the resulting page will be formatted similar to the Google documents that can be found here. Future articles will mostly be mosted to Easygoing Times.

These articles were originally presented as "news" items, and so they have a date. However, many of them are appropriate for use as stand-alone reading material (especially the topical ones).

Title Date Description
Bottled Water 2013-01-03 A town in Massachusetts is banning the selling of bottled water.
Easter 2017-04-18 Learn about both the religious and nonreligious ways in which Easter is celebrated.
El Salvador's Festival of Fire 2016-08-06 Every year El Salvador has a dangerous fire festival.
Girl Draws With Mouth 2016-05-21 Read about 16-year-old girl Robaba Mohammadi who draws with her mouth.
"Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" Has a Successful Debut 2017-05-15 "Guardians" makes Hollywood happy by being a successful sequal.
Happy New Year 2017-01-01 Learn what people in the United States do for the New Year.
Hayao Miyazaki Back to Work on Final Project 2017-05-20 Hayao Miyazaki retires from retirement (again) to work on his final project (again).
Hirosaki City to Collect Bitcoin Donations 2017-04-21 Hirosaki City will be the first city in Japan to accept bitcoin donations.
Hurricane Matthew Hits Haiti 2016-10-10 Hurricane Matthew was very bad for the people of Haiti.
Japan's Oldest Golden Eagle Dies 2017-04-25 Toriumi was the oldest golden eagle in Japan.
Japanese Sumo Champion 2017-02-03 Learn what people in the United States do for the New Year.
Laughing at the News 2017-04-25 Comedy news is popular kind of television program people enjoy overseas.
Plan to Clean up Space Trash 2017-05-05 A new Tokyo company has a plan to clean space trash.
Too Many Koalas 2017-06-01 Koalas in Victoria, Australia are slowly destroying their own habitat.

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