English camp

General Information

There have been thirteen regular English Camps and three Super English camps across Akita as of May 2015. The regular camps aim to host up to 60 students, while the Super English camps try to limit to no more than 40 participants. The number of staff ranges depending on the size of the camp. Regular English Camps are further split into Pre-teen English Camps (5th-year Elementary School to 1st-year Junior High School) and Teen English Camps (2nd-year Junior High School to 3rd-year High School). Pre-teen English Camps are two days (Saturday noon - Sunday afternoon), Teen English Camps are three days (Friday afternoon - Sunday afternoon), while Super English Camps are four days. Students and staff are expected to stay overnight at the camp location.


If you have questions or want more information, then please contact Kristina Tan. Her email address is Tan-Kristina@pref.akita.lg.jp You can also check out the new English Camp website here

Dress Code

Staff members are expected to wear the attire that they usually wear to work. After dinner, staff may change into more casual clothing.

Super English Camps

The Super English camps are similar to the regular English camps. However, the students must be a junior high school or senior high school student with an English proficiency equivalent to at least 準2級 of the Eiken (英検). There will be three super camps total. They will be four days long.

Lesson Plans

Full lesson plans will be sent your schools and then passed on to you. The camp will involve full group activities and small group activities. There is little if any preparation required from ALTs. The plans have been made in advance. However, it can be expected that some plans will have to be adjusted before and during the camp in response to varying group sizes and age variations. Typically, ALTs need to create one 20-minute activity for their cultural presentation on Friday night. Otherwise, ALTs need to be familiar with the activities they are in charge of during the camp with materials provided by the camp.

2017 Camp Schedule

Date City Location
May 20-21 Yurihonjō Iwaki Shōnen Shizen no Ie
May 27-28 Yokote Horowasan Shōnen Shizen no Ie
June 24-25 Ōdate Ōdate Shōnen Shizen no Ie
July 8-9 Akita Prefectural Education Center
August 5-6 Akita Prefectural Education Center
September 23-24 Akita Yufore
Sept 30 - Oct 1 Happō Akita Shirakami Center
October 7-8 Daisen Yaotome
Date City Location
June 9-11 Akita Yufore
August 25-27 Ōdate Ōdate Shōnen Shizen no Ie
October 13-15 Daisen Yaotome
October 27-29 Akita Prefectural Education Center
November 10-12 Akita Yufore
Date City Location
July 14-17 Akita Youthpal
August 15-18 Happō Akita Shirakami Center
September 15-18 Daisen Yaotome


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