Exploring Akita


Akita is known best for its beautiful natural scenery such as the Sea of Japan, extensive mountain ranges,volcanic natural hot springs, and the serene lakes of Towada and Tazawako.It is a popular destination for big-city dwellers to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Though there are a few main cities and towns within the prefecture, Akita is mainly an agricultural area with many farm villages, primarily rice farming. In general people of Akita are known to be kind-hearted people who love their sake and frequent pachinko parlors.


Akita is most famous around the world for introducing the Akita dog breed. Other purely Akitan cultural icons include the Namahage ogre that lives in the Oga mountains and comes down once a year searching for bad children to scare.


Almost everyone in Japan has heard of Akita bijin and kiritanpo nabe. The women of Akita are called “Akita bijin” and said to be the most beautiful in Japan. They’re famous for having fair white skin and other desirable traditional features. Also, kiritanpo nabe soup is the most famous of local Akita cuisine, there are many kiritanpo parties in fall-winter throughout the region.

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