Get Fit 5K

Get Fit 5K was a 5km run organized by Randy Umetsu and Taylor Fustin in 2014. It was designed as a great jumping point for those looking to get into shape while still being fun for those looking to improve their 5K time. Members of the Akita JET community participated.

"Fit" has several different meanings depending on your country of origin. Fit means "in good physical condition" in the US while it also carries the meaning "physically attractive" in places like the UK. Get Fit 5K seeks to embody both of these meanings as exercise and health are simply awesome. We hope athletic events of this kind will promote healthy fun in Akita.

Jordan Oxborough designed the event logo and flyer.


  • Date: Saturday, September 13, 2014
  • Start time: Race started at 12 noon. Runners please check in by 11 a.m.
  • Place: Koyoshigawa riverfront running course, Yurihonjō
  • Meeting place: Beneath the Asuka Bridge
    • There is a parking lot beneath this bridge which will serve as our meeting place and starting point. Accurate directions to come.
  • Entry fee: 1,500 yen (The fee will cover the event t-shirt, water, and necessary equipment to host the event)
  • Entry deadline: Application for the event ended as of Aug. 13
  • Requirements: 20+ years (legal adult with health insurance)
  • Runner limit: 30 people (must apply to be considered an official runner)
  • Facebook event page:
  • Application: Application Link


  • This is an unofficial athletic event in which the risk of injury is present. Participants will assume full responsibility in the case of injury or accident.
  • If you have any questions of a general nature, please post them on the facebook page as other people may have the same question.
  • If you would like to volunteer as a timer, course safety monitor, or water-passer-outer, please send an email to or

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