Going to the Moon

Target levelJHS
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  • This game is a way of learning the student’s names.
  • The object of the game is to “Go to the moon” to live.
  • You are the captain of the ship.
  • You can only take things that start with the first letter of your name (this rule is a secret the students have to figure out). For example, "My name is Mike so I will take with me some milk."
  • To start: "I am the captain of a spaceship that is going to the moon. I need to take things with me, so I will take some ____. Who wants to go with me?"
  • The first student stands up and says, "My name is ___ and I will take some ___."
  • If the item doesn’t match the first letter of the name, say, "No, you can’t go." and move on to the next person. If the person gets to go, write their name on the board as part of your flight crew.

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