Hitachinai (比立内) is a small, isolated hamlet in southern Ani, Kitaakita.


The hamlet was once the central area of Ōani Village (大阿仁村), but in 1955 Ōani Village merged with Aniai Town and Ani Town was born. In the hamlet one can find Hitachinai Station, a small elementary school, some small supermarkets, and the Michi no Eki. Hitachinai is bisected by the Akita Nairiku Line, Route 105, and the Kawabe Ani Road.

Hitachinai is a starting point for those venturing to Utto Onsen, Yuyu Garden, the Matagi Museum, the Bear Ranch, Yasu-no-Taki Falls, and much more. Just head eastward along the Kawabe Ani Road to find the Matagi tradition alive and well in one of the most remote parts of the country.

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