International Affairs Division

The Prefectural Office Bulding, or Kencho

The International Affairs Division (国際課) is the department of the Akita Prefectural Government that is responsible for the JET Program. In Japanese, this kind of organization is called a 取りまとめ団体 (Torimatome Dantai; often translated as Host Prefecture). The International Affairs Division is located in Akita City on the second floor of the Prefectural Government, Main Building (県庁本庁舎), directly across from Akita City Hall. This is also where the CIR PA and Japanese PA work.

The International Affairs Division is responsible for sending out all CLAIR related paperwork to the contracting organizations around the prefecture. Currently, members of this division and the Education Center sit on the application review panel for selecting Block PAs.


Akita Prefectural Office 〒010-0951 Akita Prefecture, Akita, 山王4丁目1-1

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