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Katagami City
Katagami in Akita
Location in Akita
Physical characteristics
Area97.96 km²
Population34,001 (as of 2012-04-01)
TreeBlack pine (黒松)
FlowerRose (バラ)
BirdHeron (シラサギ)
City emblem
City Hall
Address47-100 Tennō aza,
Kamiegawa, Katagami
Akita 010-0201
(〒010-0201 秋田県潟上市
Telephone☎ 0183-62-2111
Rice fields in Showa, Katagami City

Katagami (潟上市; -shi) is a small city in western Akita Prefecture. It is a suburb of Akita City. It was formed in March 2005 with the consolidation of the three former towns, Tenno Town (天王町; -machi), Iitagawa Town (飯田川町; -machi), and Showa Town (昭和町; -machi). Today, the names of the three former towns are frequently used without the -machi (町) suffix to identify the regions of Katagami City, but are no longer independent towns in the political sense.

Katagami is home to the Prefectural Education Center, a facility frequently used for prefecture-wide conferences.



Katagami is located in western Akita Prefecture, southeast of the Oga Peninsula, south of the Hachirōgata Lagoon, west of Ikawa, and north of Akita City. The name Katagami is a combination of the kanji 潟 (kata), meaning lagoon, and 上 (ue), meaning above. This is because the city's elevation is above the adjacent Hachirōgata Lagoon, one of the few points in Japan below sea level. The area of Katagami City is 97.96 km². The population is estimated in 2008 to be 35,383, giving the city a population density of 361 persons per km².

In the 2005 census, Katagami's town of Tenno was the only current or former municipality in Akita Prefecture to actually show a population increase. This is due in part to the fact the former town never zoned residential districts. As a result, Tenno is lined with many narrow, winding streets in between concrete walls and houses in very close proximity. The housing situation has made the area vulnerable to the transmission of residential fires and frequent traffic jams.



  • Tenno Greenland Festival (グリーンランドまつり), August 30-31 (2008). Family festival with character shows followed up by fireworks.


  • Crane Dance Festival (鷺舞まつり), August 2-3 (2008), 4:30-5:30. In front of the Iitagawa government office building (庁舎=chousha).


  • Hachiro Festival (八郎祭り), August 16, 2:30. Small local festival which celebrates the migration of the dragon-god of Lake Hachiro to his lover at Lake Tazawako. In front of the Showa government office building (庁舎=chousha).


Junior high schools

Elementary schools


Springtime in Motokiyama Park
  • Motokiyama Park (元木山公園) map. Has a Baseball field, track, tennis courts, and is beautiful for cherry blossom viewing in the spring.


  • Tenno Onsen Kurara (天王温泉くらら). 秋田県潟上市天王字江川上谷地109-2 Map. TEL.018-878-9877. Nice modern facility in the same area as the Tenno Greenland Tower.
  • Taya no Yu (田屋の湯). 秋田県潟上市昭和豊川竜毛郷境29 018-877-5381


  • ポン Pon is a Izakaiya located near Akita West High School(秋田西高校)and the Tenno ALT's House. The Master is an animated fellow who speaks some English. It's a great place to meet friends and have a chat with the occasional conversation with the Master and other guest there that night. The food and beer are both good and reasonably priced.
  • Cafe Brenner (カフィ・ブレンナー). 秋田県潟上市天王江川上谷地106−9. Hours: 10:00-7:00 (Last Order at 6:30). Telephone & Fax: 018-878-7879. Open: Wednesday-Monday (Tuesdays Closed). Cafe Brenner is an excellent cafe not far from Tenno Greenlands. It offers a warm atmosphere, filled with the smell of coffee beans and sweets. The cafe itself offers a wide variety of coffees from all around the world and homemade sweets that are really delicious. The Master and his Wife are really friendly and knowledgeable people who are happy to talk about both coffee and sweets (in Japanese). They also sell coffee whole bean and have a roaster inside the shop.

Well worth a visit if you find yourself in Tenno.

  • Jin (甚). Behind Daisan Supermarket, red sign. The original "international" izakaya for Showa ALTs!
  • Taisho Sushi (大将). Near Showa Town Hall. The very bibulous master makes some narrow-minded, off-the-wall comments from time to time, but if you can take it with a grain of salt, the sushi is top notch (and the price tends to fluctuate greatly depending on how much master drank that night).
  • Manmatsu (万松). 潟上市飯田川町下虻川 (right past Okubo Station). Tue-Sun: 11:00AM - 11:00PM. The best ramen, chanpon, and Chinese style restaurant in Katagami City (if not Akita). Also at least in Showa, it is famous for yakitori.
  • Azumi (安澄). 秋田県潟上市昭和大久保字虻川境1 Right outside Okubo Station. Tel: 018-877-3659. Very famous soba and udon restaurant. Hikake natto (冷かけ納豆) is highly recommended, even if you're not huge on natto.
  • Hana no Daichi (花の大地). Blue Messe Akita. Tel: 018-855-5587. 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM (will take reservations after 6:00 for over 5 people). Good mix of Japanese cuisine with some western fare (pizza, pasta, etc).


  • Tenno Greenland (Michi no Eki Tenno). 潟上市天王字江川上谷地 map. TEL 878−6588. A great place to buy Akita souvenirs.

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