Kawauchi Elementary School

Name Kawauchi Elementary School
Name (Japanese) 川内小学校
Location Kawauchi, Chōkai, Yurihonjō
Address (Japanese) 〒015-0503 秋田県由利本荘市鳥海町栗沢字上田野5の1
Address Uedano 5-1
Kurisawa, Chōkai
Yurihonjō, Akita

This school closed in March 2013. Its students moved to the newly opened Chokai Elementary School.


Year Students ALT
2012-2013 116 Russell Kabir
2011-2012 123 Douglas Perkins
2010-2011 134 Douglas Perkins
2009-2010 138 Douglas Perkins
2008-2009 134 Douglas Perkins
2007-2008 139 Douglas Perkins


1874-07-07 Kami-Kawa School opens. 明治 7.7.1 上川学校創立
1879-11 Kami-Kawa School splits into two schools: Kami-Kawa School and Hirane School. 12.11 上川小学校が分かれて上川学校と平根学校になる。
1882-04 Shimo-Kawa School changes its name to Kōya School. 15.4 下川学校を興屋学校と称す。
1882-04 Hirane and Kami-Kawa merge. Kogawa and Kōya become branch schools. 15.4 平根学校と上川学校が合併、小川と興屋は分校となる。
1888-04 A major education revision occurs. The school becomes Kami-Kawa Simple School. 21.4 簡易科設置、上川簡易学校と改称す。
1892-04 A major education revision occurs. The school becomes Kawauchi Common Elementary School.
Kōya Branch School becomes independent and its name becomes Kōya Common Elementary School.
25.4 尋常科を設置し、川内尋常小学校と改める。
1901-04 Kōya and Kawauchi merge, becoming Kawauchi Common Elementary School. 34.4 川内、興屋両校合併し、川内尋常小学校と改める。
1902 A new school building for Kawauchi Common Elementary School is built at Uedano. 35 上田野の現在地に、川内尋常小学校を建てる。
1903-04-19 5th and 6th grade are added to the school, and the school becomes 川内尋常高等小学校. 36.4.19 高等科を併置、川内尋常高等小学校と改称す。
1922-09 A school building addition is completed. 大正 11.9 校舎を新増築。
1924-07 School building addition completed. 13.7 校舎を新増築。
1927 Supplementary education building addition completed. 昭和 2.10 小学校増築、補習学校新校舎落成。
1929-08 Uedano Sports Ground is completed. 4.8 上田野運動場拡張。
1935-03-26 School song is written for 60 year anniversary celebration. 10.3.26 校歌制定(60周年記念)。
1940-10-10 Uedano Sports Ground is expanded. 15.10.10 上田野グランド拡張。
1941-04-01 The school becomes Kawauchi National Elementary School.
Because of the wartime nationalistic influence, elementary schools in Japan changed to this system from 1941 to 1947.
16.4.1 国民学校令により、川内国民学校と改称。
1956-05-10 A big fire occurs at the Hirane school. 45 students and 1 teacher are affected. 31.5.10 平根部落大火、児童54名、教師1名罹災す。
1959-05-01 School flag is created. 34.5.1 校旗制定。
1967-11-01 New school building completed. 40.11.1 新校舎第二期工事完了。
1967-11-02 Water pipe construction complete. For the first time, the school has running water. 40.11.2 水道工事完了、校舎に給水開始。
1970-06 Limited school lunch program begins. 43.6 学校給食開始(牛乳)。
1973-02 Full student lunch program begins. 46.2 完全給食開始。
1976-09-01 The school celebrates its centennial. 49.9.1 創立百周年記念式典を行う。
1978-08-01 The PTA assists the school in creating a rock garden. 51.8.1 PTA奉仕により、岩石園を造成す。
1982-09-01 Town public research meeting focusing on mathematics. 55.9.1 町公開研究会(算数)。
1982-11 The school name becomes 鳥海町立川内小学. 55.11 町制施行、鳥海町立川内小学校と改称。
1985-02-02 School receives a thank-you letter from the prefectural school insurance promotion group. 58.2.2 県学校保険推進校として感謝状を受ける。
1985-07 Uedano Ground is expanded. Restrooms are built there. 60.7 上田野グランド拡張、屋外トイレ設置。
1985-10 Area public research meeting focusing on Japanese. 60.10 鳥海地区公開研究会(国語)。
1986-09-01 Library and music room construction complete. 61.9.1 図書館、音楽室校舎工事完了。
1989-02 Gymnasium renovation complete. 平成 元年8.2 体育館、改修工事完了。
1990-08 Staff room, staff changing room, and staff restrooms are rebuilt. 2.8 職員トイレ、更衣室、用務員室工事完了。
1990-10 Chōkai area public research meeting. 2.10 鳥海地区公開研究会。
1992-08 1st major reconstruction is completed. Toilets are converted to flush toilets. 4.8 第一期大規模改修工事完了、水洗トイレ完備。
1993-04-01 Kogawa Elementary School merges with Kawauchi Elementary School. 5.4.1 小川小学校と統合。
1993-10 2nd major reconstruction is completed. 5.10 第二期大規模改修工事完了。
1994-06-09 The school celebrates its 125th anniversary. 6.6.9 創立百二十周年記念事業として航空写真撮影。
1995-09-01 Area public research meeting. 7.9.1 地区公開研究会。
1998-08-02 Lunch room construction completed. 10.8.2 給食室改修工事完了。
1999-01-02 Computer room is completed. 11.1.2 コンピュータ室工事完了。
2000-08-20 20th National PTA Public Relations Paper Contest commendation. 12.8.20 第二十二回全国PTA広報紙コンクールで表彰。
2001-08-24 A dumbwaiter is installed for getting lunches up to the classrooms. 13.8.24 ダムウェーター(給食運搬昇降機)取り付け工事
2001-08 Fluorescent lighting is added. 13.8 照明器具改修工事(蛍光灯)。
2002-08 Flush toilets are added next to the school kitchen. 14.8 調理員用水洗トイレ工事完了。
2003-07-18 Security assurance system is introduced. 15.7.18 警備保障システム導入。
2007-10-18 Chōkai area public research meeting focusing on mathematics. 19.10.18 鳥海地区公開研究会(算数)。
2007-11-20 Genuine performing arts group Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra performs at school. 19.11.20 本物の舞台芸術体験事業「仙台フィルハーモニー管弦楽団」
2008 Symbolic willow tree is destroyed. 25 year forecast is made. 20 シンボルの柳の木倒壊,25年統合の見通しが立つ
2009-09-05 For 135 year anniversary, picture of school taken by airplane. 21.9.5 創立百三十五周年記念事業として航空写真撮影
2010-10-22 Hosts Yurihonjo City Minami Block research meeting. 22.10.22 由利本荘市(南ブロック)授業実践研究会
2011-06-09 Designation as "Flower of Civil Liberties". School integration preparation committee is formed. 23.6.9 『人権の花』の指定を受け,植栽活動に取り組む
2011-09 Music experience event. 23.9 番楽体験を行う
2012-10-07 Ceremony commemorating closing of the school. 24.10.7 閉校記念式典を行う
2013-03-31 Kawauchi Elementary School's 139 years of history comes to a close. 25.3.31 川内小学校139年の歴史を閉じる

The above Japanese is taken from [1], and the English is a translation of it.

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