Target levelJHS
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  • Make groups of 6.
  • Groups come up with good and bad things for each category that will be used for the MASH game. Write a list of their ideas on the board.
  • Demonstrate with the JTE how to play using a blown up MASH sheet.
    1. Write your name.
    2. Write 2 good options in each category and have the JTE write two bad options in each category.
    3. The JTE makes pen dots until you say stop.
    4. Count the number of dots and then starts eliminating options by counting through the categories. For example, if there are 3 dots, starting on the home category count 1,2,3 and cross out the 3rd option.
    5. Continue eliminating until there is only one future in each category.
  • Now pair off the students and ask them to predict each other's futures. Students write out their friend's future in full sentences.


  • Common categories include car color, car type, number of children, place of honeymoon, high school they'll attend, boyfriends/girlfriends, and what they'll eat for dinner.

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