Mount Kurikoma

Mt. Kurikoma
Physical characteristics
Summit Height1,627 m
MunicipalitiesYuzawa, Higashinaruse
Location in Akita
Location in Akita

Mount Kurikoma (栗駒山;-yama) is a mountain in the southern part of Akita. Mt. Kurikoma is 1,627m high, and is part of the same Ōu Mountains that Mt. Taihei is also a part of. Mt. Kurikoma is shared by Miyagi, Akita, and Iwate.


Kurikoma is an active stratovolcano, composed mainly of Andesite, whose peak lies at 1,627m above sea level. Kurikoma (lit; Chestnut Horse Mountain) gets its name from the horse pattern that appears in the snow on the mountain's west face in early summer. The last recorded eruption was a release of water vapor in November, 1944 which created the current Lake Showa at its summit.

In 2008, an inland earthquake in Miyagi and Iwate caused a landslide on Kurikoma. As a result of this landslide, many of the surrounding onsen's water sources were affected and forced to go out of business.

Along with nearby peak Mount Kamuro and Mount Yakeishi, the surrounding area makes up Kurikoma National Park.

It is also one of the 200 Famous Mountains of Japan.

Climbing Kurikoma

Climbing Kurikoma is fairly easy and takes about 80-90 minutes to get the the peak. The track is very popular with families as it is easy for people of all ages (toddlers through to elderly). Kurikoma is especially popular in Autumn as people flock to make the most of hiking while the leaves are changing colour.

To get to the track you will probably need to park your car at one of the lower carparks and catch the shuttle to the start of the track.

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