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New Horizon 1st grade

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Unit Grammar point Target sentence Lesson Resources
  • I am Emi.
  • You are Ms. Green. Are you Ms. Green? Yes, I am.
  • Are you from America? No, I am not.
  • This is my country. That is my country.
  • This is a school. Is this a school? Yes, it is. / No, it is not. It is a hospital.
  • This is Mike. He is my friend. This is Ms. Green. She is our teacher.
  • I like music.
  • I play the piano. Do you play the piano? Yes, I do. / No, I do not.
  • I have a car. I do not have a car.
1st Grade - Unit 3-1
  • Is this a bird? What is this? It is a bird.
  • English is interesting. English is not easy.
  • Do you have rice for breakfast? What do you have for breakfast? I have rice.
  • Excuse me. Pardon. Thank you. You're welcome.
  • One hamburger. Two hamburgers.
  • Do you have five CDs? How many CDs do you have? I have five CDs.
  • Let's have lunch. Use this handkerchief.
  • I like Japan. Lisa likes Japan.
  • She likes kabuki. Does she like kabuki? Yes, she does. / No, she does not.
  • Koji speaks English. Koji does not speak Chinese.
  • Which bus goes to City Hall? Take Bus No. 3.
  • Is Bill your brother? Who is Bill? He is my brother.
  • What time is it? It is eight (o'clock).
1st Grade - Unit 7-3
  • Is my CD on the chair? Where is my CD? It is on the chair.
  • Is this your bag? Whose bag is this? It is mine.
  • This is Mike. Do you know him? This is Judy. Do you know her?
  • Koji cooks every day. Koji is cooking now.
  • Is he swimming? Yes, he is. / No, he is not. What is he doing? He is swimming.
  • Drive fast. Don't drive fast. Be careful.
  • Hello? Hello, Bin? This is Lisa.
  • We can see the game today. We cannot see the game today.
  • We can ride on the boat. Can we ride on the boat? Yes, we can. No, we cannot.
  • Can we see them at midnight? When can we see them? We can see them at midnight.
  • Can I open the window? Can you help me?
1st Grade - Daily Scene 6
  • I walk across the bridge every day. I walked across the bridge yesterday.
  • I go to school every day. I went to school yesterday.
  • I studied English yesterday. Did you study English yesterday? Yes, I did. / No, I did not. I did not study English.

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