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North Block Doctor/Dentist Recommendations

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上田(うえだ)クリニック Ueda Clinic
Website w/hours
Good English
Address: 〒018-3331 秋田県北秋田市鷹巣字北中家下81-1
About 5 minutes from West Takanosu Station.

Ikegami Ladies Clinic
Address: Hanawa, Ainono 245-7, Kazuno City
Phone: 0186-30-0111
Gynecologist. Taken from the Akita Orientation Handbook recommendations. Doctor Ikegami is male.

門田整骨院 Monda Osteopathic Clinic
Address: 〒018-3201 秋田県山本郡藤里町藤琴字家の後113
Phone: 0185-79-1118
Recommended if you are local. I'm friends with the doctor there, Dr. Monda, and he can speak a bit of English. I think he's a good doctor but I'm biased. If you are considering going, remember that he runs an osteopathic clinic so what he can diagnose and treat is limited. He also does not have any heavy duty machines (x-rays, MRI, etc.) so if you need those, then you will need to go to another clinic. I went here to get physical therapy.

Morita Hinyoukika
Address: 秋田県大館市赤館町9番45号 〒017-0814
Phone: 0186-45-1570
Urologist. Taken from the Akita Orientation Handbook recommendations.

わたなべ整形外科 Watanabe Orthopedic Clinic
Website w/hours
Address: 秋田県能代市落合中前田207
Phone: 0185-52-8881
No opinion about the doctor. Visited for MRI, bloodwork, and x-rays.


  • Minami Dentistry (みなみ歯科). website. ☎ 0185-52-8117. Noshiro. 〒016-0171, 秋田県能代市河戸川字大須賀52−3. (map).  The dentist here speaks excellent English and has state of the art equipment. A cleaning and polishing of your teeth should run between 2000-3000 yen. It is also worth noting that the dentist, like most qualified dentists in Japan, is also a gums specialist-- so if you have any gum problems he is worth consulting as well.

Not Recommended

金田医院 Kaneda Clinic
Address: 〒018-3155 秋田県能代市二ツ井町比井野94
Phone: 0185-73-2511
Not recommended. This was the first one I went to and I had an x-ray there. The diagnosis was that nothing was wrong, and I was given some (very weak) painkillers. After chatting with my friends in town, everyone said to not go to that clinic as they usually get the diagnosis wrong. So I say stay away. The doctor also doesn't speak any English.

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