Palm Reading

Target levelJHS
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  • A student draws a big hand on the board.
  • Give the students a copy of a handout.
  • Ask the students to find their lifelines and draw then on their worksheet. Continue with all the lines, one at a time. Give the students a copy of a labeled hand. Introduce vocabulary on it.
  • Ask them to describe each of their lines (heart line is long and strong). Give the students the meanings.
    • Heart line: long = kind, generous, popular, etc.
    • Strong = many girlfriends/boyfriends.
    • Weak = unkind, unpopular, no girlfriends/boyfriends.
    • Head line: Long/strong = intelligent Short/weak = Bakka.
    • Life line: Long = you will live for a long time. Short = not much longer to go.
    • Sun line: Strong or long = You are confident and will become rich and famous.
    • Weak or short = The opposite, and you will have problems at work.
    • Neptune line: Long or strong = you have a lot of imagination. Broken = You have criminal tendencies.
    • Have the students write out their futures.


  • Students work with a partner and tell their partner's fortune.

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