Akita ReOrientation Conference 2018

The 2018 Akita ReOrientation Conference (平成30年度帰国者及び再任用者研修会) was held on Monday, May 21st 2018 at the Personnel Training Center in Tenno, Katagami City.

JETs were allowed to attend one of 3 courses groups: Returners (those leaving JET), Recontractors (those staying another year), and All-Japanese lectures. Returners learned about topics such as how to receive their pension refund, how deal with Japanese taxes, and the rules regarding returning airfare, goodbye speeches, settling your affairs, and dealing with life after JET. Recontractors reviewed procedures important for those moving on to their next years in JET (license conversion, visa renewal, tax information), learned the lingo of Akita Prefecture, and received some info on career advancement. The All-Japanese course focused on aspects of Akita, as well as mental health information from a local licensed psychiatrist.

Returners Workshops

(10:30-11:10) Taxes
(11:20-12:00) Pension
(13:20-14:05) Moving Out and Preparing for Successors
(14:10-14:55) Farewell Speeches and Letter Writing

Recontractors Workshops

(10:30-11:10) Summer Work and Speech Contests
(11:20-12:00) Procedures for Recontracting JETs
(13:20-14:05) Akita-ben Crash Course
(14:10-14:55) Forward Thinking Professional Development

All-Japanese Workshops

(10:30-11:20) Akita Folklore
(11:25-12:00) [Discussion] Life Experiences in Akita
(13:20-14:20) Mental Health
(14:30-15:20) Akita's Agricultural Policies
(15:25-15:55) [Discussion] Agri-food between Home Countries and Japan


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