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ALT introduction activities

Adjectives activities

  • Hand Jive ES Dance to Willie and the Hand Jive using adjectives to describe how to dance.

Animals activities

Birthday activities

Body parts activities

Colors activities

Comparing activities

  • Dice Game ES 1 - JHS 2 Practice numbers by rolling dice.

Conversation activities

Days activities

Demonstrative pronoun activities

  • Match It ES 3 - JHS 1 Janken and ask questions to get a matching pair.
  • Pictionary ES - JHS The classic drawing game.

Directions activities

Emotions activities

Food activities

General use activities

Greetings activities

Gym activities

High school activities

In-school project

Introduction activities

Junior high school activities

Months activities

Music activities

Needs to be merged

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Numbers activities

Phonics activities

School rooms activities

Shapes activities

  • Polygon Tag ES Play tag where students listen for and run to shapes on the ground.

Sports activities

  • Video game ES Students yell out the name of sports while watching a sports montage.

Thanksgiving activities

Time activities

Valentine's day activities

Warm-up activities

  • Karuta ES 1 - JHS 3 The classic Japanese card-slapping game.
  • Simon Says ES 1 - JHS 1 Variations on Simon Says and TPR.
  • TPR ES 1 - JHS 3

Weather activities

Simple sortable table

Activity Description Target level
ABC song Sing the alphabet song. ES
Acting Emotions Act and guess emotions. ES
Alice the Camel Dance to the song. ES 1 - 3
Animal Chant Chant animals in a circle. ES
Animal Cracker Roll dice and make animal sounds. ES 1 - 5
Animal Match Finding ES
Animals and their sounds (What does the Fox say style) Teaching the sounds that animals makes ES - JHS
Around the World Call out numbers quickly. ES 3 - 6
BINGO (song) ES 1 - 3
Backward Countdown Count backwards for points. ES 5 - 6
Bag of Numbers ES
Ball Pass Game Good activity for question response practice. ES 1 - 4
Balloon Toss ES
Bargaining Game Bargain to buy and sell food. ES 3 - 6
Bean Jar Count Students guess how many beans are in a jar. ES - JHS 1
Bingo The classic game. ES 1 - JHS 3
Bingo - Self-Intro Self-introduce, sign names, and play Bingo. ES 4 - JHS 1
Bingo Introduction ES - JHS
Birthday cards Write birthday cards to friends or family. ES 5 - 6
Blind Date ES
Bodyparts and Newspaper Touch different bodyparts to newspaper, folding the paper in half when slow. ES
Bowling Bowling, keeping score in English. ES 1 - 4
Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? Read an easy story with colors and animals. Students repeat parts. ES 1 - 3
Buzz Count up without saying certain numbers. ES - JHS 1
Card Collecting Game JHS
Card Grabbing Race Grab vocabulary cards off the board when called. ES 1-3
Chair Race Also knows as "Crash" or "Janken Race Game". Two teams race to say vocabulary words. ES 1 - 6
Clock Race Students lie on the ground to make different times on a clock. ES 2 - 4
Collect Signatures Self-introduce and sign names. ES 3 - JHS 1
Color Dice Roll a color and number dice and name that many fruit. ES 2 - 4
Color Touch Game Touch objects of different colors. ES 1 - 3
Color matching game Combining color with other taught topics. ES
Cooking class Cook something. ES 2 - Adult
Counting Race Groups count as fast as they can. ES 1 - 3
Cross out Roll die until you get all combinations. ES 5
Days wordsearch ES 5
Dice Game Practice numbers by rolling dice. ES 1 - JHS 2
Duck Duck Goose The classic running around a circle game. ES
Dynamite Clapping Game Make a circle and count with various rules. ES 1 - 6
Emotion Charades Team charades game. ES
English Baseball Group game using "I like ~." and "You like ~?". ES
English Pong Beer pong for the classroom. ES - JHS
Evolution Game Also known as "Gokiburi". Students janken to climb a ladder of animals or emotions. ES
Fast Tapping Game Tap numbers on backs and write the numbers' romaji. ES
Final Fantasy Play janken and ask questions to win lives. ES 4 - JHS 2
Find the School Rooms Say and follow directions to rooms in the school. ES 4 - 6
Fishing ES
Fly Swatter Game ES 1 - 6
Formula Game Form equations that equal a number. ES 3 - 5
Four Corners Go to corners of different numbers and hope the teacher doesn't choose theirs. ES 1
Fruit, Please Simple fruit shopping. ES 1 - 3
Fruits Basket Students change chairs when their item is called. ES 1 - 3
Gesture Game The teacher makes a gesture while hidden. Students make their own gesture and guess what it is. ES 1 - 3
Get Down Make a circle, point to a student who ducks, and quiz the neighbors. ES 1 - 6
Go Fish The classic card game. ES 2 - JHS 3
Good Pet, Bad Pet ES
Greeting Ball ES
Greeting Gestures ES
Guess that Number! (Price is Right) Bring a variety of items in a number bag (backpack), and have students guess in teams the number of each item. ES
Hackeysack game ES
Hand Jive Dance to Willie and the Hand Jive using adjectives to describe how to dance. ES
Happy, Happy, Sad ES 1 - 2
Head Shoulders Knees and Toes The classic song. ES 1 - JHS 1
Hello Circle Game Practice introductions in a circle. ES
Hello Goodbye Listen to and sing Hello Goodbye. ES 2 - JHS 3
Hidden Object Count soft or loud to help student find object. ES 5
Hot Potato ES
How Are You, Mr. Wolf Students ask a wolf how he is and are chased when he's hungry. ES 1 - 3
I Doubt It! Card game where you lie about what you're playing. ES 2 - 4
Introduction Quiz ES - HS
It's a Small World Sing the famous Disney song. ES
Jambo Bwana Sing introduction song in Kenyan, French and English. ES
Janken Card Collecting Play janken and ask questions to win cards. ES 1 - 6
Janken Train Students play janken and say a sentence. ES 1 - 4
Janken up the Ladder ES
Karuta The classic Japanese card-slapping game. ES 1 - JHS 3
Keyword Game Students practice vocabulary by competing to grab the eraser. ES 1 - 6
Listen and Order Listen to the teacher say numbers out of order and put cards in that order. ES 1 - 3
London Bridges Falling Down ES
Match Finding Find others with the same card. ES 1 - JHS 1
Match It Janken and ask questions to get a matching pair. ES 3 - JHS 1
Maze Solving Solve mazes in pairs using directions. ES 3 - 6
Meet and Greet Your Neighbor ES
Meishi Card Game ES - JHS 1
Midnight Students listen for their number and run around a circle. ES 1 - 3
Month bowling Roll dice and say the month. ES 6
Mr. Potato Head, Happy, Sad, Confused? Make faces on Mr. Potato Head for different emotions. ES
Murder ES
Musical Chairs Walk around a circle and sit when the music stops. ES 1 - 3
Musical Circles ES
Name Symmetry ES
Name Tags Practice "Hello, my name is ~." and make name tags. ES
Nine-Square Mind-Reading Trick Simple trick to use while demonstrating grammar/vocab. JHS
Number Guessing Game Students guess how many tokens their partner is holding. ES 1 - 3
Number Janken Janken and do actions some number of times. ES 1 - 3
Number Line-up Call out numbers, students arrange cards on board. ES 5
Number Recognition Race to cross out numbers. ES 5
Number Rocket Roll dice and write numbers in order on a rocket. ES 2 - 4
Number Sequence Say the next number in the sequence. ES 5
Number Tag Teacher calls a number and students make groups of that number or get tagged. ES 1 - 2
Otedama Game Beanbags and counting up to 12. ES 1 - 2
Pac-man Review Listen for vocabulary and avoid being eaten by Pac-man. EL 1-3
Paper Aeroplanes Students answer questions then try to fly a plane into a basket. ES 2 - 6
Pass the Number Listen to music, pass number cards, and answer questions when the music stops. ES 2 - 6
Pictionary The classic drawing game. ES - JHS
Picture Finding Game ES
Polygon Tag Play tag where students listen for and run to shapes on the ground. ES
Rainbow tag ES
Red Rover ES
River Crossing Students compete by saying colors and animals. ES
Rocket Countdown Count down to 1 and jump. ES 1 - 2
Running Relay Race ES
Saint Patrick's Day ES
Scramble ES
Seasonal Nature Walk Go for a nature walk, find objects, and learn their English names. ES
Secret Number Game Guess a student's secret number to move the student to your team. ES 1 - 4
Seven Steps Count and clap to the song Seven Steps. ES 1 - 3
Simon Says Variations on Simon Says and TPR. ES 1 - JHS 1
Snake Eyes Roll dice to win tokens from the pot. ES 2
Soccer Players Drill numbers by holding up cards. ES 5
Speed-Reading Read numbers fast. ES 5
Spin the bottle ES 5 - 6
Spoons Students trade playing cards until they get a straight. ES 2 - 3
Statistical Treasure Hunt Add numbers, share totals. ES 5 - JHS 1
Steal the Bacon Students race to grab an eraser when they hear their number. ES 1 - 3
Sunday Monday Tuesday Learn days of the week through song. ES 3 - JHS 1
TPR ES 1 - JHS 3
Thanksgiving ES
The "What's Your Name" Song K 4 - ES 6
The Grandfather Clock ALT acts like a grandfather clock. Students listen for the number of gongs. ES 1 - 3
The Hokey Pokey Dance to the Hokey Pokey. ES 1 - 3
The Syllable Game Listen to words and guess the number of syllables. ES 4 - JHS
The Throne Call numbers and move chairs until one team is sitting on the thrones. ES 2 - 4
Tic-Tac-Toe For Numbers Students make pairs to compete in circling and listening. ES 2 - 5
Tick Tock Read analog clocks and clap the time. ES 1
Time Guessing Game Guess what time the ALT put on his clock. ES 1 - 3
Unlucky Number 13 Count up to 13 by 1s, 2s, or 3s, trying not to say 13. ES 2 - JHS 1
Valentine's wordsearch ES 4 - 6
Video game Students yell out the name of sports while watching a sports montage. ES
Wave Making Count up in a circle, making a wave. ES 1 - 3
Weather drawing Draw the weather in different cities. ES 1 - 3
What's This? Drawing Draw an item on the board one piece at a time. Students guess what it is. ES 5
What's Your Name Students ask each other their name and give fake answers. ES
What time is it, Mr. Wolf Listen for the time and play tag. ES 1 - 3
Whose is this? ES
Word search Search for jumbled words ES 3 - 6
Writing Race Race to write numbers on the board. ES 4 - 6
Zookeeper ES 1-6