Sendai Airport

Sendai Airport (仙台空港) (IATA: SDJ) is a major transportation hub in Miyagi Prefecture.

Sendai~Guam travel deal for JETs

Continental Airlines has teamed up with H.I.S. to create a special air ticket & hotel package for JET Programme participants and private ALTs. Japanese people can also participate in this package, however, at least one JET or ALT must be in the group. The flight departs from Sendai Airport, and this is very accessible from Sendai JR Station in Miyagi.

Below is some information on access to Sendai's airport as well as the flyers for the Guam/Sendai package. H.I.S. and Continental has also put together a package for Sendai/Guam/Cairns as well.


Sendai Airport is accessible by train. (Feel free to add more information here.)

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