Something for Joey

Sunshine English Course 3

One day, on his way home from a football game, Joey fell down and went into a coma.
"I don't think Joey will ever get better. You should put him in a home," said the doctor. But no one in Joey's family agreed to that. They put his bed in the dining room and took care of him in turns.

Several months passed. Joey was still in a coma, but his family kept on talking every day and night. One evening, when John was talking to Joey, Joey's fingers moved a little!
Joey slowly started to move, eat and talk. In a few months, he stood up and began walking. His doctors were more surprised than anyone else.
Joey now looked well again. He often visited John's team and was very popular among the teammates.

But Joey had to go to the hospital often. It was painful for him. John knew that but he couldn't do anything about it. He wished to do something for Joey, anything to make Joey happy.
A few days before Joey's birthday, John asked him, "What would you like for your birthday, Joey?" Joey said, "Three touchdowns. No, four!"
John was surprised. "Four touchdowns in one game? That's impossible!"
But Joey looked up at him and smiled. "Well, you asked me." John had to say, "OK, I'll try."

Four touchdowns in one game was almost impossible. But John tried very hard for Joey. And he did it! He kept on making touchdowns in games.
In 1973 was a big for John. He was chosen the best university football player in the US. John's whole family was invited to the awards party in New York. Joey was not feeling well, but how could he miss it?

Almost four thousand people came to the party. There were many movie stars and other famous people there.
After the dinner, they listened to some speeches about John and his wonderful football talent. Finally it was John's turn to speak.
He thanked his coaches and teammates for their help. Then he introduced his family. He began to talk about Joey.

"The youngest member of my family is Joey. He's sick. He has leukemia." John's eyes were full of tears. "People say I've been brave, but it's only on the football fields, and only in the fall. Joey lives with pain all the time. And I'm here today, thanks to him. He's much braver than me. So I'd like to give this trophy to my brother Joey."

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