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South Block Doctor/Dentist Recommendations

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雄勝中央病院 Ogachi Central Hospital
Address: 秋田県湯沢市山田字勇ヶ岡25〒012-0055
Taken from Akita Orientation Handbook. While a general hospital, it was recommended for gynecology. Dr. Tsubaki is highly recommended for any pregnant JETs, and speaks good English. This hospital also offers epidurals, which can be rare in Japan. Dr. Sho, who grew up in America, is also available to help translate important/difficult diagnosis.

本荘第一病院 Honjo Daiichi Hospital
Address: 秋田県由利本荘市岩渕下110 〒015-8567
Phone: 0184-22-0111
Taken from Akita Orientation Handbook, listed under Urology. This hospital has a complete staff of specialists. There’s also an English speaking nurse to help with translations if needed.


条里コスモス Jouri Cosmos Eye Doctor
Website w/hours
Doctor has good English
Address: 〒013-0060 秋田県横手市条里1丁目10-17 (Yokote)
Phone: 0182-38-8881

高橋耳鼻咽喉科眼科クリニック Takahashi ENT Clinic
Website w/hours at the bottom
Doctor speaks English
Address: 〒013-0037秋田県横手市前郷二番町4-25 (Yokote near the station)
Phone: 0182-32-2275 (Often busy, but you can call ahead for an appointment)

佐々木産婦人科医院 Sasaki Gynecology
Website w/hours
Not much English. They have late hours though.
Address: 秋田県由利本荘市給人町37-1
Phone: 0184-22-2358

山下医院 Yamashita Clinic
Gastroenterology (胃腸科) / Proctology (肛門科)
Website with hours
Little to no English. If you can bring in all your issues translated in English and Japanese, best solution.
Otherwise, best to bring someone with you. They only accept walk-in appointments so earlier is better.
Address: 〒014-0023秋田県大仙市大曲黒瀬町3-45 (Across from Lawson, <7 minute walk from Omagari Station)
Phone: 0187-63-3328

下山クリニック Genzan Clinic
Internal Medicine(内科)/ Surgery (外科) / Gastroenterology (胃腸内科) / Proctology (肛門科)
Website with hours
Little English, but pretty good about medical terms in English. Very nice hours for locals (until 5:30 PM most days). No appointment necessary.
Address: 秋田県大仙市大曲福住町2-23 (5 minutes walk from JR Omagari Station)
Phone: 0187-63-5110

池田医院 Ikeda Clinic
Cardiology (循環器か) / Internal Medicine (内科) / Pediatrics (小児科)
Website with hours
Speaks little English but has convenient hours.
Address: 〒014-0024秋田県大仙大曲中通町4-20 (Mid-way between Gran Mart and Lawson)
Phone: 0187-63-3338

いそべレディースクリニック Isobe Ladies Clinic
Address: Jouri Ichoume 1-21, Yokote City
Phone: 0182-35-5777
Taken from Akita Orientation Handbook. Walk appointments are acceptable, and the doctor speaks a little English.


斎藤歯科診療所 Saito Dental Clinic
Website w/hours
Good English
Address: 秋田県由利本荘市美倉町47-1
Phone: 0184-24-4182

五味デンタルクリニック Gomi Dental Clinic
Website w/hours
Speaks little English
Address: 〒015-0051 秋田県由利本荘市川口家後79-1
Phone: 0184-22-8453

小坂歯科医院 Kosaka Dental Clinic
Website w/hours
Great doctor but no English (Another person in Yokote says he does speak English). They use new technology and they’re very thorough. He’s a popular dentist so be sure to make an appointment a few weeks in advance.
Address: 秋田県横手市四日町6-2
Phone: 0182-36-4182

ほしの歯科医院 Hoshino Dental Clinic
Website w/hours
Highly recommended. Did an X-ray, filling repair, and routine cleaning in one visit for about ¥4000.
Address: 〒013-0024 秋田県横手市田中町4-34
Phone: 0182-32-2344

鳩村歯科クリニック Hatomura Dental Clinic
Weekdays 9 AM-7 PM; Saturdays 9 AM-4 PM
Good for dental issues, usually requires multiple appoints but cheap. Also, tries to speak English but much easier to communicate in Japanese with.
Address: 〒014-0024 秋田県大仙市大曲中通町8-32
Phone: 0187-62-0410

守口歯科クリニック Moriguchi Dental Clinic
Website w/hours
Dentists speak enough English to get by and are very knowledgeable (the head dentist is Vice President of several prefecture dentistry associations). Cleaning and checkup was around 3,000 yen and was done in one visit. Popular dentist so typically pretty busy, but they will work to get you in. Located right next to Power Water, across the street from City Hall.
Address: 〒012-0824秋田県湯沢市佐竹町5-1
Phone: 0183-73-4646

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