Takase Junior High School

Name Takase Junior High School
Name (Japanese) 高瀬中学校
Location Ugo, Ogachi
Telephone ☎ 0183-67-2323
Fax 0183-67-2919
Website http://www.yutopia.or.jp/%7Etakase/index.html
Email ✉takase@yutopia.or.jp
Address (Japanese) 〒012-1241 秋田県雄勝郡羽後町田代字畑中45

The smallest junior high school in Ugo.


Over the years there have been a number of different junior high schools in the Sendou/Tashiro region. Takase originally began as Sendou Junior High in the early 20's, then split off and became Tashiro and Sendou junior high after World War II. Shortly after that Karuizawa Junior High merged with Tashiro Junior High. Sendou soon merged into Tashiro as well. Tashiro Junior High was closed in 1993 and was relocated to a more convenient location and was renamed Takase Junior High School after the Takase River that flows through the area.

This school closed in March 2016.


Ugo Junior High School has approximately 100 students. The approximate class size is 30.


  • Boys: baseball, basketball, field hockey, skiing (winter only), brass band, art.
  • Girls: volleyball, field hockey, skiing (winter only), brass band, art.

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