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  • Was this copied from somewhere? Did the author give permission? Douglaspperkins 11:15, 25 August 2008 (JST)
  • I found several things under Language and Culture that do not make sense and are difficult to navigate. Is learning Japanese and the culture not part of Life in Akita? The intro to this section is a bit awkward and I am not sure it adds any value when new people come looking for this page. Starting from this page, there appears to be links randomly at the bottom of following pages. If there is logic, I do not see it and don`t think people will spend the time to figure it out. I would like to move things around so they are more intuitive and properly labeled. The current accessibility of the pages linked from here is preventing them from being used to a fuller potential. But I do not want to start if there is great opposition, or if someone does not oppose but than later just starts reverting everything.

I will list all the pages linked under Language and Culture and shuffle them around to see how it looks. Michael 11:57, 11 March 2011 (JST)

I agree that this page is pretty difficult to navigate and needs some work, but I think that most people are coming to this page thinking it is a resource about learning Japanese. I think that Learning Japanese is definitely part of life in Akita, but it's such a big part that it deserves it's own slot on the sidebar.

I think the page just needs to be revamped in a different Format How about something like:

  • Kanji Learning Resources

Flashcard programs, anki etc.

  • Internet Based dictionary/resources

RikaiKun, ALC, Google translate

  • Classes in Akita
  • Proficiency tests

Casey 13:48, 11 March 2011 (JST)

Sounds Good. I am making a current map of how it is, so I can look at the major categories that will make things easier to find. I also think it should link from the life in Akita main page, but not till it is easier to navigate. Michael 13:58, 11 March 2011 (JST)

I started reorginizing the page here Language and culture It will redirect you to the current page, but you can hit the redirected from button to see what you think. Michael 14:59, 13 April 2011 (JST)

When you go to Language and Culture, then discussion, then back to page, it redirects to Language and culture, the old page. Also, the picture looks better on top then the side. More white space gives the page room to breath. Now it looks cluttered. :PMichael 21:20, 15 April 2011 (JST)