Taxes in Japan

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The JET Program itself has great documentation on Japan's assorted taxes. Tax information varies greatly by country and can change year to year, so see for answers to most questions.

Useful words

Many letters we receive are only in Japanese. Here are some useful words and translations to help you determine what various pieces of paper are. This should help you figure out where to look on the JET Program website.

  • 納税 (のうぜい; nōzei). Income tax.
  • 住民税 (じゅうみんぜい; jūminzei). Residence Tax. Same as below.
  • 市民税 (しみんぜい; shiminzei). Residence tax. Same as above.
  • 住民証明書 (じゅうみんしょうめいしょ; jūminshōmeisho). Resident tax certificate.
  • 納税証明書 (のうぜいしょうめいしょ; nōzeishōmeisho). Income tax certificate.
  • 源泉徴収票 (げんせんちょうしゅうひょう; gensenchōshūhyō). Statement of earnings.

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