Where in the World is Sugichi?

Where in the World is Sugichi?

Looking for an interesting way to represent Akita outside of the prefecture? This new photo project will be a fun and simple way to share a little bit of Akita pride with the rest of Japan and the world!

How to participate:

  • Print out any picture of Sugichi, or use one of your own. Click here for Sugichi pictures.
  • Take a picture with your Sugichi while on vacation to another prefecture or any other country around the world (e.g. while climbing Mt. Fuji or while wrestling lions in Africa)
  • Email the photo to randy.umetsu@gmail.com with your name, the date the photo was taken, place, and short description of the photo
  • Pictures must be taken outside of Akita Prefecture, and is suggested that you be in the picture too!

Photos and descriptions will be featured regularly in the Akitan and added to the Sugichi Photo Archive page.

Sugichi`s journey begins in the quaint town of Ogata at the exact point where 140 degrees north latitude and 40 degrees east longitude intersect! Where in the world will Sugichi go next? Photo courtesy of Derek Lemieux.

Sugichi in Ogata