Yuze Gorge

Yuze Gorge (大湯環状列石; -keikoku) is a ravine located in Kazuno in the northern part of Akita.

Yuze gorge in the summer


Yuze Gorge is located roughly halfway between Lake Towada and Mount Hachimantai in the Towada Hachimantai National Park. It was recently chosen as one of the "30 New Views of Akita." It is located at one of the uppermost points of the Yoneshiro River, and it is that river that has eroded the gorge over time.

Yuze is well known for its peculiar rock formations and the Karakasa Pine (唐傘松) which is a registered natural monument of Kazuno. The road along the gorge was heavily used for many years by travelers, but has more recently been used by tourists coming to witness the spectacular fall vistas the gorge offers. The best time for viewing the fall leaves is from mid October to early November.

Getting there

Yuze gorge has a roughly 2 km hiking trail that is most easily accessed from the parking lot of the Yuze Onsen Hotel. The hotel is located off the 282. Address of the Yuze Hotel is 〒018-5141 秋田県鹿角市八幡平字湯瀬湯端43. (map)


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