A year in a Japanese junior high school

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August Summer vacation. Several students practice for the Junior high school speech contest.
September School starts. New JETs usually start giving their self-introduction lesson. The speech contest is usually held.
October School festival. Get involved with the preparations! You don’t have to sit in the school office during this time.
November Chorus contest. Students often practice an hour or more for this contest, everyday.
December School continues, testing, etc. Winter vacation begins in late December.
January School begins again in mid-January.
February High level students take high school interview test.
March Third year students practice for graduation and take high school entrance examination. Some teachers will get switched to different schools every year. There are often times good-bye parties in March.
April After a short spring vacation the new school year begins with an opening ceremony. There are often times welcome parties during April.
May-June Students practice for their school's Sports Festival.
July Third grade students’ last chance at glory, the final big tournaments and competitions begin for club activities. Summer vacation begins late July.

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