Akita International Association

The Akita International Association (秋田県国際交流協会) or AIA, is an organization based in Akita City which provides support for the foreign community in Akita, as well as runs various international events.


  • Qiao Liang- A quarterly magazine published in four languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, and Tagalog. Qiao Liang contains a calendar with upcoming festivals as well as useful information for foreign residents in Akita. Can find up-to-date issues here.
  • Your Akita Family - A program that pairs foreign exchange students with host families around the prefecture. If you know of a family that would be interested in hosting an exchange student, contact AIA at 018-893-5499 or via email at muto@aiahome.or.jp
  • Consultation of All Kinds Q&A - A hotline for common questions for foreigners; i.e. How to extend your visa, procedures for enrolling your child in school etc. Hotline number is 018-884-7050 and is available in English, Chinese and Korean.

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