Akita animals


  • Akita dog.
    Helen Keller is thought to have introduced the Akita dog to the United States. Info


  • Ausegi. Blue Heron


Japanese Serow.
  • Kamoshika. The Japanese Serow is a goatish looking antelope. It reminds me of the forest spirit in Princess Mononoke, although I am not sure of the connection. They have two horns, gray fur, and a mane.
  • Ten. Marten or Japanese sable. These are larger than a cat and look similar to a weasel. They are a bright radiant brown, almost orange.
  • Tsuginowa Guma. Asiatic Black Bear. When there are bear sightings many warning signs will be put up. Walk, hike, and bicycle with a bell when in isolated areas.


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