Buying a computer

Buying an Apple

Apple computers are sold in Japan. OS X is multilinugal, so you will have no language problems. There is a 10% educational discount which ALTs can receive (but not on iPod, iPad, AppleTV or Refurbished products). Just phone the English order line and have the computer delivered to your school.

Buying a PC

PCs are sold at all electronic stores in Japan. Also through the Dell Japan website, you can order a computer of your choice and have it delivered anywhere in Japan. Prices fluctuate greatly depending on the type of computer you want.

There are at least two other options for those looking to buy an English computer without going through Dell.

Felix's Computer Help is an excellent place to find English laptops, very customizable from entry level to high powered gaming machines. Very friendly english speaking staff.

PC Tokyo is another excellent company which deals both in desktop and laptop computers. They have a wide range of mid-high end products, plenty of options and deliver COD. While their on-site prices seem steep they are normally willing to negotiate.

Where can I buy a computer?

Like elsewhere, your options are always B&M or online.

There are electronics stores in the cities. See specific district pages for more information.

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