Garfield do things

Make the students move, look at pictures of Garfield and describe them.
Target levelJHS 1,2,3
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Before the class, the teacher puts the pictures of Garfield on the walls around the classroom, or even outside the classroom. The students are in small groups. One of the students stand up and find the first picture of Garfield, look at it and goes back to his team. He has to describe the picture to his team and then they write a sentence that describes what Garfield is doing. After that, another student stands up and find another picture and repeat the process until all the pictures have been described.


To prepare

  1. Print the pictures out, laminate them.
  2. Put a piece of paper to cover the picture, and write a number on this paper ( 1 to as many pictures you have). This is to tell the students where they have to write their answer on the answer sheet. Tape the paper and the laminate picture on the top side, this way the students can lift the paper and see the picture.
  3. Print the answer sheet for the students.

Before the class

  1. Put the pictures around the class on the wall. (It can also be in the hallway if you are allowed to)

During the class

  1. Split the students in small groups.
  2. Pass the answer sheet.
  3. Explain the activity to the students
  4. Let the students fill out the answer sheet.
  5. When the students are finished, the go to the teacher in order to check their answers.
  6. Give a price to the first team that fill out the sheet.



Answer sheet


Adapt this activity

It is very easy to adapt this activity for other verb tenses like

  • past tense
  • present continuous
  • past progressive activities
  • past tense activities
  • future activities
  • perfect tense activities

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