Over the Horizon

New Horizon Book 1 (Heisei 24) pg. 116-117

I'm standing on the moon. It's cold and quiet here. I see so many stars all around. What a view!
That's Orion. That's the Big Dipper. I don't know the names of all the stars, but every star has its own name, I think.
Oh, that's the Earth. It's shining over the horizon just like a ball. It's blue and white. How beautiful!

Where's Japan? Maybe behind the clouds. On the Earth, people live in many different countries — China, Russia, America, Canada, and so on. But I can't see any borders. The Earth looks like one peaceful planet.
The Earth is our mother, and we're her children. We're all brothers and sisters. Let's live together as members of a family. And let's take care of the Earth. It's our only home.

Official translation

Taken from the New Horizon's teachers manual.



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