Selling your stuff

Many people sell items to their successors. Please be reasonable when buying and selling items. Try using the Message Board or creating a blog to sell your items. Good Luck.

Here are some excellent guidelines from a former ALT: “As I am packing to leave I think back to my arrival when I was faced with many difficulties in the negotiation with my predecessor. I know of a number of people who were taken advantage of. Here are some pointers to aid fairness and conflict-free dealings. I hope they will be of some assistance.

Things to consider when selling items to your successor:

  1. Always deal in Japanese yen. Your successor and you both reside in Japan and the goods in question were bought in Japan. Therefore it is justifiable and easier to deal in Japanese currency.
  2. Remember you are part of a community and it is your responsibility not to profit off your successor. Be loyal to the community. Try to recall how you felt when first arriving in Akita. Remember how overwhelming it was and try to be accommodating to the needs of your successor.
  3. Make a precise list of all items. Don’t exaggerate the age or price of the items. Be honest. Remember you have used the goods so the price should genuinely reflect their current worth, not simply the price that you paid for them. Eventually the person will see the goods and realize the age and condition.
  4. Find the receipts of large items, such as a car, telephone or white goods. Have these available to aid negotiations. Send color photos of what your apartment, car and goods look like, ASAP.
  5. If you cannot find a buyer for your car, consider getting it crushed.
  6. If possible, wait until you can meet your successor, so you can personally negotiate a price in July and come to a deal quickly. Don’t let the negotiations stretch out for a long period of time.
  7. Clean out your apartment. Do not leave personal items such as clothing, cosmetics, toiletries etc. These are unnecessary and often useless items for your successor. (But maybe ask your successor if they want any of the stuff before you ditch all of it.)
  8. Make sure all bills have been paid. If the bills do not arrive before you depart, leave sufficient funds for your supervisor to pay the bills on your behalf.
  9. If unsure of the value of the goods, have an evaluation by a second-hand dealer or ask a local person what would be a reasonable price.”

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