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The Akitan

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The Akitan

The Akitan is an online publication compiled by the PAs containing useful work-related information as well as event information, photographs, restaurant reviews, and articles by the Akita JET community.


The Akitan is a renewal of an old newsletter the Education Center ALT used to send out from 1996-2005 called News from the Center. The newsletter, in pdf form, was restarted under the name News from the PAs after concerns about people not receiving information and announcements about various work-related events. It is currently emailed to all JET members. It aims to make sure everyone receives information and educational resources as well as serve as an avenue for the JET community to express themselves creatively. The Akitan has brought this old newsletter to an all new level by transforming it into a digital web-zine.


Submissions for the newsletter are always welcome. If you have lesson activities, job postings, news articles, photos, article etc., please submit them to one of the PAs.

Previous editions

Autumn Edition
Summer Edition
Special Summer Preview Edition
Spring Edition

Spring Edition
Fall Edition
Winter Edition

Winter/February Edition
Spring Edition
Summer Edition
Winter Edition


All the latest issues of The Akitan can be found on

Issue #1 Issue #1 (PDF) Issue #2 Issue #3 Issue #4 Issue #5 Issue #6



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