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Everyday English New Course 2 (Heisei 2) pg. 34-37

Word count252
BookEveryday English

Once there was a mother mouse with many baby mice. She often said to her baby mice, "The world is very dangerous. Many animals don't like us. You must be very careful."
One fine day the mother mouse said to her baby mice, "Let's go for a walk. But you must always stay with me."

The mother mouse and her baby mice went for a walk. Suddenly a big black cat ran up to them. The big black cat looked down at the little mother mouse and said, "Meow!!!" She looked up at the big black cat and cried, "Bowwow!!!"
The cat ran away. Then the mother mouse turned to all her baby mice and said, "You see? You must study a foreign language. It's very useful."

Mrs. Miyao, a Japanese-American woman, arrived in London after a long plane ride. Then she took a bus to a hotel in the city. The streets were busy and it took a long time. At last she got to the hotel. She was very tired by then. She was in a black coat, and she had long black hair. She looked just like a black cat.

The clerk said, "Good afternoon. May I have your name, please?"
Mrs. Miyao answered "Miyao." The clerk didn't catch the name. He said, "I beg your pardon? Please say your name once more."
She said her name again slowly in a loud voice, "MI-YA-O!!!"
The clerk thought, "This must be a joke." He looked at her and cried, "Bowwow!"


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