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This page is dedicated to providing teaching resources to ALTs in Akita.

General Information

These things are useful at most schools.

Elementary School

When teaching elementary school, the odds are good you won't visit every day. So, it's important to review the Course of Study and Elementary Lesson Resources and determine your goals. Do this with homeroom teachers at the beginning of the year, if possible.

General Resources

Specific Resources

Old Textbook Resources

Elementary School Topics
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Junior High School

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Textbook Resources

New Horizon textbook

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Junior High School
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Senior High School

Prefecture-wide Projects

These are projects run by JETs around the ken that aim to give students a deeper and richer connection to the English Language. If you have that one student who just really likes you and really likes the idea of English as a living language, you should consider entering that student in one of these projects.

Also, these projects exist because we refuse to let the ball drop. If you have made good use of these projects, step up and give back by running one of them for others.

MIC Booklet of JET-ALT Initiatives

The Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) published in July 2023 a "Booklet of Selected Cases of Initiatives by the JET Programme's Assistant Language Teachers (JET-ALTs)," which compiles examples of various initiatives by JET ALTs across the country.

The Booklet is available for download from this page on the MIC website, under the section JETプログラム外国語指導助手(JET-ALT)活動事例集 (JET Puroguramu Gaikokugo Shidō Joshu (JET-ALT) Katsudō Jireishū; "Booklet of Selected Cases of Initiatives by the JET Programme's Assistant Language Teachers (JET-ALTs)").

Alternatively, it can be directly downloaded here


Other teaching environments

Common problems

The Prefectural Advisors can help with all variety of problems, so don't hesitate to call or email them.

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  • AltagoraALT Agorà is a series of monthly free professional development events with the goal of improving the quality of foreign language education in Japan schooling system by focusing on the role and potential of ALTs (Assistant Language Teachers) in the classroom, and their relationship with HRTs and JTEs.

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