Elementary School Activities

Activities are listed below in categories. Activities may be listed in more than one category.

Activities by category

ALT introduction activities

Adjectives activities

  • Hand Jive ES. Dance to Willie and the Hand Jive using adjectives to describe how to dance.

Animals activities

Birthday activities

Body parts activities

Colors activities

Comparing activities

  • Dice Game ES 1 - JHS 2. Practice numbers by rolling dice.

Conversation activities

Days activities

Demonstrative pronoun activities

  • Match It ES 3 - JHS 1. Janken and ask questions to get a matching pair.
  • Pictionary ES - JHS. The classic drawing game.

Directions activities

Emotions activities

Food activities

General use activities

Greetings activities

Gym activities

High school activities

In-school project

Introduction activities

Junior high school activities

Months activities

Music activities

Needs to be merged

Needs work

Numbers activities

Phonics activities

School rooms activities

Shapes activities

  • Polygon Tag ES. Play tag where students listen for and run to shapes on the ground.

Sports activities

  • Video game ES. Students yell out the name of sports while watching a sports montage.

Thanksgiving activities

Time activities

  • Clock Race ES 2 - 4. Students lie on the ground to make different times on a clock.
  • Midnight ES 1 - 3. Students listen for their number and run around a circle.
  • The Grandfather Clock ES 1 - 3. ALT acts like a grandfather clock. Students listen for the number of gongs.
  • Tick Tock ES 1. Read analog clocks and clap the time.
  • Time Guessing Game ES 1 - 3. Guess what time the ALT put on his clock.
  • What time is it, Mr. Wolf ES 1 - 3. Listen for the time and play tag.
  • Writing Race ES 4 - 6. Race to write numbers on the board.

Valentine's day activities

Warm-up activities

  • Karuta ES 1 - JHS 3. The classic Japanese card-slapping game.
  • Simon Says ES 1 - JHS 1. Variations on Simon Says and TPR.
  • TPR ES 1 - JHS 3.

Weather activities

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