Animals and their sounds (What does the Fox say style)

Teaching the sounds that animals makes
Target levelES - JHS
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This activity is meant to introduce the sounds that animals make while expressed in the English language using the song What does the fox say by Ylvis. At the beginning of this song, the sounds of different animals are introduced (Ex.: cat goes moew).


PDF: Presentation

Google Drive: Presentation+Bonus activity


Use the presentation and make the students guess what animal makes the given sound. The animals are: dog, cat, bird, mouse, cow, frog, elephant, duck, fish and seal. These are all the animals at the beginning of the Ylvis song.

You can ask the students to teach you what sound these animals make in Japanese. (The fish has no sound in Japanese. Keep this information in mind when you tell them that the fox has no sound in English)

Play the song What does the fox say by Ylvis (VIMEO link to the song) If you're doing this activity with elementary school students, use a version with Japanese subtitles.(Japanese sub version)

Bonus activity

After the song, you can play the Evolution Game using the animals from the song. (Ex: Fish - bird - seal - cow - human) Make sure that the students are using the English sounds while walking around.

PDF: Bonus game presentation