Evolution Game

Also known as "Gokiburi". Students janken to climb a ladder of animals or emotions.
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This is a Japanese game where students janken to climb the evolutionary ladder. Animals can be changed for anything that can be acted and dialogue can be added to the janken step.


  1. Explain the ladder of animals. Commonly cockroach, fish, rabbit, bird, man and god. Each animal has a different actions, e.g. use fingers to make cockroach antennae, wiggle hands to look like a fish swimming etc. Everyone starts as the lowest animal.
  2. Everyone walks around the room doing their action and looking for someone of the same level.
  3. When they find someone, they janken. The winner rises to the next level and they both look for another person.
  4. When students reach the final level, they can sit down or optionally play janken with the teacher before sitting down.


  • Use emotions instead of animals. For example: sick, sad, sleepy, OK, good, happy, great. Before janken, ask "How are you?" and respond with the current emotion.
  • Before doing janken, use the dialogue “What animal do you like?” “I like ____.”
  • Start with the most destructive force on earth (man) and work your way down to things that live with nature and have the least amount of impact on there environment. Bring a little red sweater for the first student to become Buddha, like the little statues.

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