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  1. Make a cut out of a fish for every student (the cut out needs to be large enough to include personal information.
  2. Attach a paper clip to the snout of each fish cut-out.
  3. Buy a dowel rod and attach a string to one end with tape or a staple gun.
  4. Attach a magnet to the other end of the string.
  5. Make some sort of a barrier over which to cast the "fishing rod". Brownie points for anyone who makes their barrier look like the ocean.


  1. Pass out the fish cut-outs
  2. Students write personal information on a cut out of a fish (for example: age, favorite color, I like ___).
  3. The fish are place in the ‘pond’ (behind the barrier).
  4. The students, one by one, use the "fishing rod" to "catch" a "fish".
  5. The student must then figure out the author by using the target language.

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