London Bridges Falling Down

Target levelES
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Acquire a copy of the song London Bridge is Falling Down.


  1. Have the students form 2 circles — one circle with the ALT and one with the homeroom teacher.
  2. The ALT and a student forms a bridge for one circle and the homeroom teacher and a students forms a bridge for the second circle.
  3. Play London Bridge is Falling Down.
  4. As the song plays students walk in a circle under the bridge.
  5. At the phrase, "my fair lady" The bridge comes down and catches a student.
  6. This student is asked, "What’s your name?"
  7. The student caught switches with the student forming part of the bridge.
  8. The song is played again.


  • The question, “ What’s your name?” can be asked by either the teacher or the circle of students.

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