Target levelES
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  1. Students close their eyes.
  2. The teacher picks one student to be ‘the murderer’ by touching the student on the shoulder.
  3. All the students stand up and mingle.
  4. As they mingle, they introduce themselves to other. For example (My name is______, I like__________, Nice to meet you.)
  5. Then they must shake hands.
  6. When the murderer shakes hands, s/he will secretly scratch the palm of the person’s hand while shaking.
  7. They walk away from each other and the person whose palm was scratched has to count to 5, then he can die as quietly or loudly as he wants. The death throes end with the student lying down.
  8. The murderer continues to introduce himself to another student.


  • The murder can choose if they want to scratch a palm or not. They don’t have to kill everyone they meet. Also, instead of scratching, you can use a wink as the signal.
  • Goal: The students have to figure out who the murder is. If a student knows, they tell the teacher. If the guess is correct, the student wins. If not they die.

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