Card Collecting Game

Target levelJHS
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Make cards, enough for each student to have a set of 5.


  • Each student has a set of cards.
  • Each student must select a card and show it to their partner.
  • They practice the word or dialogue using the card.
  • Then they janken and the winner takes both cards.


Demonstrative pronouns

  • A: This is my monkey. That is your ruler.
  • B: This is my ruler. That is your monkey.

Then they janken and the winner takes both cards.

“Is that __”

  • Deal the students 5 cards each and ask them to keep them hidden.
  • Write the 10 words on the board.
  • One student picks one of the cards and holds it.
  • The other kid must guess what it is. For example, Dai picks the city card. Yuki asks: “Is that your country?” Dai: "No, it’s not. This is my city."
  • Take turns guessing. If a student guesses correctly he wins both cards.


Using about 12 different animals make 4 sets of small cards. Teach I can/can’t…along with the animal action verbs jump, fly, swim, run (fast) etc. As a warm up use 3 sentences to describe one of the animals, for example, if you have a picture of a flying fish, “I can swim. I can fly, I can’t run fast.” And the students have to yell out what animal you are. Next choose an animal and get them to ask 3 questions using Can you…? For them to guess which one.

  • Give each student 3 of the cards. Have the students keep these secret.
  • The students find a partner and Janken.
  • The loser chooses one of their cards and the winner may ask 3 questions about that card using can you…?.
  • After asking the 3 questions the winner may guess which animal the loser has.
  • If he guesses correctly, the loser must hand over that card. If he guesses incorrectly he doesn’t get the card.
  • The players move on to find a new partner. The game is finished when the teacher says stop. The player with the most cards wins.

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