Junior high school activities

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Activities are listed below in categories. Activities may be listed in more than one category.

ALT introduction activities

Activities by name

Adjectives activities

Adverb activities

Alphabet activities

Animals activities

Asking permission activities

Body parts activities

Can activities

Colors activities

  • Color Toss JHS Throw a ball around and call out things of different colors.

Comparing activities

  • Dice Game ES 1 - JHS 2 Practice numbers by rolling dice.

Comparitive activities

Conditional activities

Demonstrative pronoun activities

Directions activities

  • Simon Says ES 1 - JHS 1 Variations on Simon Says and TPR.
  • TPR ES 1 - JHS 3

Elementary school activities

English Posters

  • Question words JHS 1 - 3 Flashcards for the classroom or to be used as a reference by the students

Flagged for Deletion

Future activities

General use activities

Halloween activities

High school activities

Imperative activities

Infinitive activities

Interrogative/Question Words

Introduction activities

Junior high school activities

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