Getting to Know (Canada)

Target levelJHS
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This activity can introduce any country.


  • Bring a large map of your country
  • Make a speech on index cards. If, for example, there are two teams of twenty students in the class, then twenty statements should be made.
  • Print off a large sized photo for each index card
  • Make two 2x3 inch copies of each picture.
  • Buy or borrow small colored magnets.
  • Just before class, put the large map of the target country on the board.


This activity takes 1 class period.

  1. Divide the class into two teams.
  2. Give a speech about your chosen country using a series of prepared statements, each with a corresponding picture card. For example, Canada has tall mountains. They are called the Rocky Mountains.
  3. As you say this, hold up a picture of the mountains.
  4. Next place a small colored magnet on the appropriate spot on the map saying, They are here.
  5. Then,pass out small 2x3 inch copies of the picture you just described, one photo for each team. It is good to give each photo to a different student on the team.
  6. Repeat these steps for each index card.

After you finish the 1st part, move to the 2nd part.

  1. Explain new rules.
  2. Ask questions related to the index cards. For example Where is the Rocky Mountains?, or Where is the capital of Canada?
  3. The two opposing team members who have the corresponding picture race to the board and place the picture under the appropriate magnet.

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