Simon Says

Variations on Simon Says and TPR.
Target levelES 1 - JHS 1
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  1. Say a command preceded by "Simon says". For instance, "Simon says stand up." Students stand up. If they are slow or don't do it, they're out.
  2. Say a command without "Simon says". For instance, "Sit down." Students who sit down are out.
  3. Repeat until a few students are left. Use other classroom commands.
    • Stand up.
    • Sit down.
    • Turn left.
    • Turn right.
    • Jump.
    • Jump two times.
    • Spin.
    • Look at the TV.
    • Touch your toes.
    • Repeat after me, 'hippopotamus'.
    • Open your book.
    • Close your book.
    • Take out a pencil.


  • Ending with jumping and spinning several times is fun.


  • As a short warmup, or to teach the commands, don't use "Simon says", and students always do what you say. Nobody is out if they're slow.
  • Some classes don't like listening for "Simon says". In that case, still play, but only the students who are too slow are out.
  • Instead of "Simon says stand up.", use "Stand up, please." The keyword here is "please".
    • For bodyparts, use "Touch your ~ please."
    • For classroom objects, use "Look at the ~ please."

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